Meet the Family of True Blue Autos

Joe Enneking - Owner and Purchaser

812-663-3015 -

Fun Fact: I love the challenge of starting a new business.

Favorite Vehicle: Cadillac Escalade

Karen Enneking - Owner and Purchaser

812-663-3015 -

Fun Fact: My favorite past time is spent with my Grand-babies!

Favorite Vehicle: Mini Cooper 

Ted Henkle - General Manager

812-222-8783 -

Fun Fact: Reese’s Cups are my weakness!

Favorite Vehicle: Any Jeep with the top down and doors off!

Alex Henkle - Internet Manager

812-222-8783 -

Fun Fact: I love weddings! From planning, to attending, to when the groom sees the bride for the first time! Makes my heart happy!

Favorite Vehicle: Jeep with the top down! Wait…Chevy Tahoe for the family…Obviously I can’t pick just one!

Abbie Enneking - Vice President of Operations

812-663-3015 -

Fun Fact:  Plan to retire on a yacht with some friends and sail the world.


Favorite Vehicle: You can’t beat classic muscle cars!

Amy Ronnebaum - Accountant and Human Resources

812-222-8783 -

Fun Fact: Chewing gum while you cut an onion will help keep you from crying

Favorite Vehicle: ‘69 Chevelle 

Family - A family who works together, stays together!


 Joe and Karen with their family. All 4 of their kids work in the family business as 3rd generation, either at Enneking Auto Body or True Blue Autos. We are hoping 4th generation employees are in this picture too!

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